5 Best Damascus Paring Knives in 2024

Don’t be fooled by fake Damascus paring knives with Damascus patterns and lower prices. All the knives that I have chosen here are from famous brands and have been satisfying hundreds of customers in the market for many years with the highest reputation. Most importantly, all the paring knives recommended here have been tested by me.

While sorting this list of original Damascus paring knives I researched 70-90 knives and then I select these knives based on some specific criteria. Some of the major criteria are as follows-

  • Each knife is made from high-quality genuine Damascus steel
  • Every knife is full tang and has no lack of balance
  • The handle is ergonomic, easy to grip, and non-slip
  • Of course, the precious knife comes with a rock-solid lifetime warranty

What Are the Best Damascus Paring Knives?

  1. Dalstrong Damascus Paring Knife
  2. Zelite Infinity Japanese Paring Knife
  3. KYOKU Japanese Damascus Paring Knife
  4. Yoshihiro Japanese Damascus Paring Knife
  5. Shun Cutlery Classic Japanese Paring Knife

Best Damascus Paring Knife

1. Dalstrong Damascus Paring Knife – Shogun Series Elite

Dalstrong Damascus Paring Knife - Shogun Series Elite

The 3.5” long and 1.5mm thick blade of the knife is made from 67 layers of Damascus steel with a core of Japanese AUS-10V premium steel (HRC: 62+) and the core is surrounded by 33+33= 66 layers of high-carbon stainless steel. The Damascus steel is forged through Dalstrong’s famous Nitrogen cooled and precisely tapered method which increases the knife’s strength, durability, and stain resistance several times.

The sharpness of the blade is so good that it glides through vegetables and fruits like I’m cutting butter with a hot knife. The blade retains its edge very well and needs sharpening after about 5 months of regular use. The factory edge (8-12°) comes in just a few minutes of sharpening on a wet stone, indicating that this is a truly superior blade.

The triple riveted handle made by G-10 is as beautiful as it is solid and perfectly sized. G-10 scales are military grade which is heat, moisture, and waterproof so it is easy to maintain; after all, will last the rest of my life.

There are no gaps or unevenness in the attachment between the handle tang, rivets, bolster, and end-cap. Its smooth and highly polished handle is easy to hold and a pleasure to use. Apart from the user-friendly grip, it also has a good balancing feel, so there is no fatigue in the hands even after doing quick maneuvers and working for a long time.

The knife comes with its own sheath made of high-quality black colored plastic which feels quite sturdy. There is also a small button to hold the knife firmly and a lanyard hole for hanging.


  • The blade arrived scalpel sharp out of the box
  • Rust and corrosion-proof cladding ensures hassle-free care
  • No surface friction, gently push food off the blade
  • Full tang handle is agile, well-balanced, and feels great to hold
  • Handle comfortably fits my large hand and is not slippery
  • It comes with a pin, sheath, polishing cloth, and honing instructions
  • Try it risk-free, full money-back guarantee and lifetime warranty


  • No serious faults, really nice knife

2. Zelite Infinity Japanese Paring Knife – Alpha Royal

Zelite Infinity Japanese Paring Knife - Alpha Royal

Imported Japanese AUS-10 premium steel (HRC: 60-61) is used for the blade core and the core is protected by 33+33=66 layers of high-carbon stainless steel cladding.

The 4″ long blade is a bit thicker (2.4mm) than other paring knives reviewed here and the blade comes super sharp from the factory. The blade cuts through food with minimal resistance so tasks like slicing, dicing, and paring can be done quickly.

As the blade is a little longer and stronger, I have used it to cut vegetables and fruits as well as some difficult items in the kitchen. The blade’s edge retention is very good but a little occasional stropping is required for the highest performance.

The rounded handle is made of black G-10 and fits perfectly for girls or medium-sized hands but feels a bit small for large hands like mine. The triple riveted handle has a full tang structure along with a bolster and end cap, making it solid, hefty, and a bit weighty.

However, I did not find any decrease in the balance between the blade and the handle. Additionally, due to the slightly curved handle, I have comfortably used the knife for a long time for various delicate and heavy tasks.


  • Liquid nitrogen tempered blade holds its edge well
  • It can be re-sharpened (12-15 Degrees) very shortly and easily
  • Beautiful Damascus pattern enhanced non-stick properties
  • Western style handle is easy to hold and use, which I like
  • Good gripping G-10 handle feels balanced and comfortable
  • Very sturdy construction, designed for multi-purpose use
  • Value-for-money product, a lifetime investment for anyone
  • Buy with confidence, lifetime warranty, and full refund guarantee


  • The handle feels a little small for my large hands
  • No sheath but comes in a beautiful packet

3. KYOKU Japanese Damascus Paring Knife – Shogun Series

KYOKU Japanese Damascus Paring Knife - Shogun Series

Like everyone else, when I first got the knife I thought it might be a fake Damascus knife because the price is a bit low for the quality of the knife. After examination, I found that it is genuine Damascus steel but Chinese-made.

The handcrafted blade is made from 67 layers of Damascus steel and the core is cryogenically hardened Japanese VG-10 stainless steel. I noticed from some reviews during my research that some customers found the factory edge less sharp but for me, the knife came fairly decently sharp out of the box.

The 3.5″ blade is beefy and heavy which I have primarily used for peeling off fruits, and vegetables and mincing herbs as well as effortlessly cutting some soft items like fish, meat, cheese, and sandwiches.

Due to the higher hardness of the core steel, it took a little longer to sharpen (8-12° per side) than other steels, but once sharpened, no major refinement was required in about 6 months, except for minor stropping.

The G10-made triple-riveted handle is western style and neither too thick nor too thin. Besides, the handle has a polished glossy bolster and end cap which further enhances its beauty and durability. The attachment among all parts of the handle has no gaps or uneven edges.

The handle sat perfectly and comfortably in my large hand and there was no fatigue even after hours of prep work. The choil is very smooth and ergonomic, my index finger is easily placed there, and prevents accidental slips and injuries during quick maneuvers.

Despite the low price, the company has provided a plastic protective sheath with it. Also comes in a beautiful white box for gifting to a loved one.


  • The blade stays sharp much longer than expected
  • Non-stick blade cuts perfectly through various ingredients
  • Corrosion-free blade doesn’t require much maintenance
  • The full tang handle feels quite solid and weighty
  • Relatively low price for a knife of this quality
  • A lifetime warranty and free exchange/return if the product is faulty


  • Handle is easy to grip but can be a bit slippery when wet
  • Balance is lacking as the handle is a bit heavy

4. Yoshihiro Japanese Damascus Paring Knife – HDPE80

Yoshihiro Japanese Damascus Paring Knife - HDPE80

The 3.2” long full tang blade is made from premium quality VG-10 core which is forged and hammered traditionally in a Damascus clad with 16 layers of stainless steel. But what’s more interesting is that despite the higher hardness (HRC: 60+) of steel, the blade gets insanely sharp with little honing by a water whetstone.

It came sharp as hell out of the box and has not been difficult to keep that way. I’m also impressed with the blade’s edge retention as I’ve used the knife almost every day for three months and it’s as sharp as it came.

The wide belly, gentle front curve, and overall geometry of the blade make it a great knife for mincing, trimming, coring, decorating, dicing, and peeling vegetables.

Everything about this knife is Japanese but the Mahogany wood handle design is Western-style, making the handle easy to grip and also easy for me to do detail work.

I did not find any gap or uneven edge in the triple rivets and bolster fittings. Every edge of the wood and steel joint is precisely matched and polished so there are no uneven surfaces.

The choil is a perfect size and I can easily place my index finger. Most importantly, the feature also ensured the safety of my fingers as well as helped me have enough control over the blade and tip during delicate work.


  • Both the core and the outer layers are rust-free
  • This knife has held up great edge and is easy to sharpen
  • Divots ‍and layers ensure no food sticks to the blade
  • Sexy dark shade of the handle matches the blade nicely
  • Handle feels solid, lightweight, fairly grippy, and well balanced
  • Proudly handcrafted in Japan by master artisans
  • Yoshihiro offers a conditional lifetime warranty
  • It gave an excellent performance in almost everything I’ve tried
  • Overall a premium-grade knife is absolutely worth every penny


  • The knife does not come with a protective sheath
  • No more cons against this knife

5. Shun Cutlery Classic Japanese Paring Knife – DM0700

Shun Cutlery Classic Japanese Paring Knife - DM0700

If you want a pure Damascus peeling knife that is made in Japanese style by their skilled artisans then who better than Shun?

The Damascus blade is made of 69 layers of stainless steel and high-end super steel VG-MAX (HRC: 60-61) is used for the cutting core. The 3.5″ long blade is thin and very sharp so apart from fruits and vegetables, I have cut a variety of things with ease.

Damascus layers look very nice and because of the layers, food ingredients have not crashed, damaged, or gotten stuck while cutting. Its overall size (8″), balance, and performance are excellent, making the knife very agile for delicate dicing tasks.

The PakkaWood handle has a classy-looking D shape which is easy to grip and comfortable to hold. The beautiful wooden handle feels warmer, anesthetic, and more natural. Also, the handle is just the right length so it fits my big hands properly.

The full tang handle has a polished bolster and end cap which makes the knife somewhat a bit heavy but much more durable and balanced.

Besides, the handle has a smooth, rounded choil, so I can ergonomically place my index finger, which is essential for delicate and other detail work. The feature also protects my finger from slippage ensuring maximum user safety and satisfaction.


  • Best Japanese peeling knife handcrafted by master artisans
  • Be careful, the blade is very thin and came extremely sharp
  • Heat treatment Japanese steel holds its edge pretty well
  • The handle is durable, waterproof, and resists moisture
  • The knife is designed and manufactured in Seki City, Japan
  • This knife comes with a lifetime warranty


  • Expensive knife but no sheath or cover for protection
  • It would have been great if the handle was a bit thicker

Frequently Asked Questions About the Best Damascus Paring Knife (FAQ)

Question: What is a Damascus paring knife?

Answer: Paring knives that are made from genuine Damascus steel are called Damascus paring knives.

Question: How much should a good Damascus paring knife cost?

Answer: The market price of these knives is between $50-$100. However, there are some paring knives that are traditionally hand-crafted by skilled artisans from much higher quality steel and often cost upwards of $100.

For example, knives from Yoshihiro or Shun companies, which are more expensive but of better quality. So if you buy these knives, they will be worth every penny.

Question: Is Damascus paring knife sharper than regular steel?

Answer: Damascus paring knives are definitely much sharper than regular steel. The hardness of core Damascus steel is higher than regular steel and the higher the hardness of the steel, the sharper it will be.

As knives of higher hardness are sharper, they are likely to chip easily, therefore soft steel cladding is used on both sides of the core for support or protection.

Question: Can Damascus steel rust?

Answer: Damascus steel knives, like any other steel, will definitely rust if not cared for properly. Damascus steels with a higher carbon content are more prone to rusting and these knives require a bit more care than stainless steel to keep them from rusting.

Question: How to maintain Damascus paring knife?

Answer: Compared to other steels, Damascus steel is very expensive and environmentally sensitive, so if you want to use it for a long time, it is very important to maintain it regularly in the right way. Follow the procedure given below for caring Damascus steel paring knife.

  • Cleaning: Regardless of whether the knife is stainless steel or dishwasher safe, always hand wash after each use, except in the dishwasher, and dry quickly with a tissue or towel. Also, wash the knife immediately after cutting onions, lemons, oranges, citrus, or any other acidic foods.
  • Cutting Board: Avoid cutting food on hard surfaces like glass, metal, ceramic, granite, and porcelain.
  • Sharpening: Light stropping twice a month and sharpening every 3-6 months is essential if the knife is used regularly. Use premium or good-quality whetstone for sharpening. If you don’t have some skills, it is best to have these types of knives sharpened by a professional.
  • Storing: Be sure to store in a dry place with an oil coating if not in use for a long time.

If you want to know in more detail, see this article – How to Care for Damascus Steel Knives?

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