5 Best Cleaver Knives Under $50 – 2024 Top List

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Pakka Wood

German HC Stainless Steel


Best Budget Cleaver Knife

1. Aroma House Meat Cleaver Knife – German High Carbon Stainless Steel 7-Inch Blade

Aroma House Meat Cleaver Knife - 7-Inch Blade

The blade of this meat cleaver is made of exceptional quality. The German high carbon stainless steel (58-60 RHC) blade provides long-lasting durability and sharpness. Other metals in the blade steel composition, i.e. chromium, vanadium, and molybdenum, add to the overall strength, sharpness, and durability of the blade.

The blade is 7″ long with an edge degree of seventeen on each side. It is also mirror polished by hand. The cutting edge of the knife is angled shallowly. The blade is extremely sharp, which allows for the cutting or thin slicing of vegetables and frozen or deep cuts of meat.

The wide blade design provides enough cutting surface so as to provide a safety factor with regard to accidental injury from the sharp edge.

The knife handle is constructed of Pakka wood, which gives some protection against moisture. The handle has a non-slip and ergonomic design, which allows for ease of use and provides a good solid gripping surface.

For the counterweight and balance, this handle has a full tang structure as well as a shining bolster, and an endcap. The Pakka wood handle is attractively polished and shiny, giving it a professional appearance.

Although there is no sheath for the knife, it does come in a storage box with a snap closure to protect it from the environment, thus keeping it safely stored.

It is not recommended that the knife handle be placed in a dishwasher or soaked in water. After every use, just hand wash the blade and dry right away with a towel. Always use recommend cutting board.


  • German high carbon stainless steel is known for its strength and non-staining characteristics
  • Super-sharp blade with outstanding edge retention
  • Full tang design with beautiful Pakkawood handle
  • Ergonomically designed balanced, controlled ‍and right weight handle
  • For the money, it is a very worthy knife
  • Try it risk-free, 100% satisfaction, or full money-back guarantee
  • Multifunctional Chinese meat cleaver recommended for chopping or slicing meat, vegetable and deboning, coconut cutting, etc


  • Not dishwasher safe
  • Carbon steel blade requires proper maintenance
  • No protective sheath is available

2. Imarku Meat Cleaver Knife – German High Carbon Stainless Steel 7CR17MOV 7-Inch Blade

imarku Meat Cleaver Knife - 7-Inch Blade

If you are searching for a high quality, durable cleaver knife, this one will meet all of
your needs.

The blade is made from German high carbon stainless steel. It is hand sharpened and honed to a thickness of 2.3 mm. It has an eighteen degree bevel on both sides. This gives the blade an ultra sharp edge. The blade is corrosion resistant, rust resistant, and maintains an excellently sharpened edge. The width of the blade provides an extra handling surface so as to prevent accidental cuts or knicks from the blade. The blade cutting edge is designed to cut into extra thick pieces of meat with very little effort.

The handle of this cleaver knife is made of pakka wood. It has excellent durability. The handle is ergonomically designed to provide a comfortable grip and ease of use for long periods. It is designed to be used by both left- and right-handed users easily and efficiently. The handle has full tang as well. The knife should be hand washed with soap and water and allowed to dry between each use. The pakka wood handle should not be placed in a dishwasher or submerged in water.

The knife comes in a very attractive, velvet lined gift box.

This knife is an excellent gift giving idea for the professional chef, home use, or aspiring culinary student.

3. Kiaitre Meat Cleaver Knife – High Carbon German Steel 7-Inch Blade

Kiaitre Meat Cleaver Knife - 7-Inch Blade

This seven inch multi-purpose cleaver knife is made of German high carbon stainless steel, giving it durability and exceptional sharpness. The blade is rust-proof, corrosion and rust resistant. The blade is processed through a heating and cooling system that gives it a hardness factor of up to 56 HRC. The cutting edge of the blade is sharpened to obtain 15 degrees per side. It is hand polished to provide a very shiny, aesthetic appearance.

The blade of this knife is designed to cut relatively soft bone or sinew. The knife can also slice through hard vegetables such as carrots, or softer vegetables such as squash, potatoes, zucchini, etc. The overall design and purpose of this knife is mainly to be used as a vegetable knife rather than a meat cleaver.

The handle is made of pakkawood with full tang.
The handle is designed to allow a comfortable and non-slip grip. Because of the characteristics of pakkawood, care should be taken in cleaning the handle. It is not recommended to place in a dishwasher or submerge in water. Wiping it down with a damp cloth is sufficient to keep it clean and maintain its beauty and durability.
The knife comes in a very attractive velvet lined box with snap to preserve its beauty and durability. It also makes a nice gift idea for the professional chef or household kitchen alike.

4. XYJ Kitchen Cleaver Butcher Knife – Forged High Carbon Clad Steel 6.50-Inch Blade

XYJ Kitchen Cleaver Butcher Knife - 6.50-Inch Blade

This multi-purpose knife is an excellent choice if you want to limit the number of cutlery knives you need to prepare the ingredients for a recipe you want to try.

The blade is made of high manganese steel. It is forged in a V-shape. It can be used to cut meat, vegetables, fruit, fish, and any other type of food you wish to prepare. It is not, however, designed to cut through bone. The blade is hand-forged by experienced craftsmen. The manual sharpening, forging, and tempering of the knife blade gives it exceptional sharpness, long-lasting durability, and rust resistance.

The handle of this knife has full tang and ergonomically designed. The handle and blade are integrated so as to provide a smooth, non-slip gripping surface. Made of pakka wood, the handle is strong, rust and corrosion resistant.

Care should be used in cleaning the knife. Do not submerge in water or place in dishwasher. Wash the knife under running water, wipe thoroughly with a dry cloth, and store it in a dry place away from other utensils to avoid scratching or damaging the knife.

Unlike other cleaver knives, this one can be used outdoors. Take it with you on a camping trip, to your next barbecue, or on a hunting expedition.

The knife comes with an attractive gift box, and a leather sheath with a belt loop to allow for carrying it outdoors.

This knife is an excellent choice for the chef and outdoorsman alike.

5. SKY LIGHT Cleaver Knife – German High Carbon Stainless Steel 7-Inch Blade

SKY LIGHT Cleaver Knife - 7-Inch Blade

This cleaver knife is designed for multi-functional use. The knife has a 7″ blade, constructed of precisely forged German high carbon stainless steel X50CrMoV15 (56-58 HRC). The spine of the knife is 2.5mm thick, makes it light and thin butcher’s knife.

The blade has an angle of 17° cutting edge on each side. It is hand polished to give it shine and an aesthetic appearance. The workmanship of the craftsmen results in a very sharp, durable, stain, corrosion, and wear-resistant knife.

This cleaver can be used to slice, dice, chop, and mince vegetables. It can also be used to chopping meat. The wide, flat grind of the blade makes it ideal for use as a spatula to easily transfer prepared food items to the cooking area, such as a wok or grill.

The handle is constructed of a high polymer material and is triple riveted. The handle is hefty, very comfortable as well as gives a non-slip grip in both wet and perspiring situations.

The handle of this knife is full tang, providing a good balance transition from handle to blade. For counterbalance, the agile handle also features a shining bolster and end cap.

The knife comes with a carrying case to preserve its beauty and sharpness. Hand washing with mild detergent and warm water is recommended in the care and maintenance of this knife, although it is also dishwasher safe. Never store the knife with other cutlery.


  • One-piece solid German HC stainless steel cleaver knife
  • All-purpose meat cleaver with a wider blade
  • Pretty sharp cleaver knife right out of the box
  • Full tang for durable framework and triple riveted for an even more superb muscularity
  • The handle has excellent balance and a firm gripping surface
  • Very good quality knife compared to its price
  • This knife would be an excellent gift for professional and home use as well
  • The knife is dishwasher safe, perfect for easy cleaning
  • Manufacturer provides 100% satisfaction or a 30-day money-back guarantee as well as a 1-year warranty


  • The blade does not retain its edge for a long
  • The cutting edge of the blade is too thin
  • This cleaver comes in a box, no protective sheath

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