6 Best Damascus Steak Knives in 2024

Each Damascus Steak Knife set recommended here has been personally tested by me for several months and then reviewed.

You can be absolutely sure that some knives are made from genuine Damascus steel which will retain its sharp edge for a long time and give you a precise cutting experience.

There are many people who don’t want to buy genuine Damascus steel knives due to budget issues, mainly for them I have reviewed some laser-engraved Damascus knives. These knives are of good quality and can be bought at very affordable prices.

Don’t worry, I have clearly mentioned in the review which are genuine and which are laser-engraved Damascus knives.

You will also be happy to know that my recommended knives are made by famous brands and have been in the market for a long time and have received the highest ratings from thousands of customers.

What Are the Best Damascus Steel Steak Knives?

  1. DALSTRONG Shogun Series Top-Rated Damascus Steak Knives – 4-Piece
  2. KYOKU Best-Budget Damascus Non Serrated Steak Knives – 4-Piece
  3. Shun Classic Japanese High-End Damascus Steak Knives – 4-Piece
  4. Syokami Affordable Non-Serrated Steak Knife Set – 6-Piece
  5. XINZUO Premium-Quality Damascus Straight Edge Steak Knives – 4-Piece
  6. Wildmok High-Quality Damascus Steak Knife Set – 4-Piece

Best Damascus Steak Knife Set

1. DALSTRONG Shogun Series 4-Piece Japanese AUS-10V Super Steel Damascus Steak Knife Set

DALSTRONG Shogun Series 4-Piece Damascus Steak Knife Set

The 5″ long plain edge blades are made from 67 layers of forged Japanese Damascus steel. AUS-10V super steel (62+ Rockwell hardness) is used as a core alloy and the core steel is covered on both sides by 33 + 33 = 66 layers of high-carbon stainless steel.

Moreover, specialized cryogenic heat treatment processes have remarkably improved the hardness, flexibility, and rust resistance so that the blades can retain their sharpness for a long time.

The blades are hand sharpened on both sides at an angle of 8-12° by the skilled craftsmen in the traditional 3-step Honbazuke method which ensures perfect and clean slices of the juice steaks while keeping the flavor intact.

Military-grade black G-10 Garolite scales and three rivets are used to make the handle that gives great agility and non-slip grip. Since G-10 is impervious to cold, heat, impact, and moisture, it will not change after years of use.

The handles are hand-polished which will make you feel smooth and comfortable enough. Also, each knife has a full tang design, polished baluster, and end cap which gives the user great balance and control by spreading the weight of the knife evenly.

Buy with confidence because if you are not 100% satisfied, there is a full refund guarantee. You will also get a limited lifetime warranty that covers any defects in materials and workmanship.

I recommend only hand washing after use, they will be harmed if you use the dishwasher.


  • Premium quality Japanese Damascus steel blades
  • Blades are heat-treated and nitrogen-cooled
  • They came extremely razor-sharp out of the box
  • Easy to sharpen and hold their edge very well
  • Full tang handles epitomize strength and durability
  • Center rivet enhances handle grip and beauty
  • Ergonomics are excellent for extended use
  • The set comes with four plastic sheaths
  • A high-quality non-serrated steak knife set


  • Not dishwasher safe
  • Maybe a bit pricey

2. KYOKU Daimyo Series 4-Piece Japanese VG-10 Damascus Steel Non-Serrated Steak Knife Set

KYOKU Daimyo Series 4-Piece Damascus Steel Non-Serrated Steak Knife Set

All the 4.5″ long 4-piece blades in this set are made from 67 layers of high-quality Japanese Damascus steel with VG-10 steel in the middle and 33 layers of soft stainless steel on both sides (33 layers SS + 1 layer VG-10 + 33 layers SS = total 67 layers).

Each steak knife is precisely crafted from one piece of imported super-strong Japanese high-carbon steel. Furthermore, the blade’s core alloy undergoes a cryogenic heat treatment process that significantly increases its ductility, hardness, and rust resistance.

The blades are hand-sharpened at an angle of 8-12 degrees on both sides by skilled craftsmen using the conventional 3-step Honbazuke method. The razor-sharp blades are slightly curved which is very agile for ‍cutting juicy steaks without spoiling the texture and flavor.

The handle scales are made from G-10 and are attached by three rivets. G10 handles are water, temperature, and humidity resistant meaning they are long-lasting and easy to maintain. ‍Besides, the handles have a secure and user-friendly grip due to their ergonomic design.

The full tang handles are designed with a shining bolster and end cap, which not only enhances its durability and beauty but also gives a proper balance and control to the user.

Due to the ideal size of the handles, they fit all user hand sizes which makes the knives more comfortable to use.

It should be hand-washed after each use and dried quickly with a tissue or towel. Never try to wash them with a dishwasher and do not sink. Always sharpen VG-10 steel knives using high-quality whetstone and never try to sharpen with a metal sharpener.

Since the blades are very sharp, the company supplies a sheath with each knife for their safety.


  • Blade was scalpel sharp right out of the box
  • Damascus wave patterns are very attractive
  • Handles are easy to hold and comfortable
  • Mosaic pin to make them luxurious
  • Weighted handle feels good in my hand
  • Set includes four protective plastic sheaths
  • Lifetime warranty and fully refundable policy


  • The blades are not dishwasher safe
  • Edge retention is not good enough

3. Shun Classic 4-Piece Japanese Damascus VG-MAX Super Steel Steak Knife Set

Shun Classic 4-Piece Damascus Steak Knife Set

These 4-Pc steak knives are made from 69 layers of Japanese Damascus steel (HRC: 60-62) and high-end VG-MAX super steel is used as the core layer for best performance.

The cutting core of the Damascus steel is covered with a total of 34 + 34 = 68 layers of soft stainless steel on both sides, which makes the blades extraordinarily wear and corrosion-resistant.

The VG-MAX has to go through a precise heat treatment procedure that turns the steel harder and stronger so that the blade can be thinner, lighter, sharper, and able to retain a sharp edge for a longer period of time.

The black handles are made from PakkaWood and have a shape like the capital letter “D”. Japanese-style handles have a smooth finish with a shining bolster and end cap.

When you hold them you will get a warm feeling and get a firm grip because they have a low profile ridge on the right side. Despite being wooden handles, they are moisture and water-resistant so you can easily clean them.

After each use, just hand wash the knives and dry them immediately before putting them back into the box.


  • VG-MAX is an ultra-premium super HC steel
  • Blades arrived razor sharp from the factory
  • Holds an edge like the best of them
  • Handle is easy to care for & will not harbor bacteria
  • Steak knives are full tang and well-balanced
  • The set is skillfully handcrafted in Japan
  • Shun puts a lifelong warranty on each of their knives


  • Can’t be washed in a dishwasher
  • The wood handles are a little small and light
  • Knives come in a decent black gift box with no sheath

4. Syokami 6-Piece Non-Serrated Steak Knife Set

Syokami 6-Piece Non-Serrated Steak Knife Set

This set includes six-piece knives and the blades are 4.8″ long and made from Japanese high-carbon stainless steel (56-58 HRC). They have a Damascus pattern finish that is laser engrafted, not real.

The blades are non-serrated and extremely sharp allowing me to cut through tender steaks and other meats effortlessly. Each piece of steak was clean and precise when cut, with no tearing or shredding.

I have also used the knife for peeling, chipping, and slicing vegetables such as carrots, tomatoes, onions, potatoes, fruits, and lemons.

The handles are made of Wenge wood. They are full tang, sturdy, and classic in design. Triple rivet joints have no flow and the finish is quite smooth. Holding the handles felt like a pleasure and weighty in my hands.

The lack of texture on the handles makes them a little slippery in wet or oily hands. However, the spine of the blade has one-inch non-aggressive teeth that provide solid and ergonomic traction for my fingers when it comes to cutting steaks as well as other delicate tasks.

The handles have no bolsters but have end caps. The handles are solid, comfortable, and well-balanced.

The set comes in a nice black gift box and each knife has a plastic cap on its tip, but no sheath.


  • The blades were super sharp out of the box
  • Juicy steak cuts smoothly and perfectly
  • Cuts through a variety of things with ease
  • Wooden handle feels warmer and more natural
  • Handle is big & fits perfectly in my large hand
  • Knives are a pleasure to use & easy to maneuver
  • Unique design gives an attractive appearance
  • That’s pretty cheap for a set of 6 steak knives
  • A lifetime warranty and full refund policy are available


  • The blades are not genuine Damascus steel
  • Wish they would come out with individual sheaths

5. XINZUO 4-Piece Damascus 10Cr15CoMoV High-Carbon Steel Straight Edge Steak Knife Set

XINZUO 4-Piece Damascus Steel Straight Edge Steak Knife Set

XINZUO Premium Dinner Knife Set includes 5″ long 4-piece steak knives. Straight edge blades are made from 67 layers of Damascus steel which has 10Cr15CoMoV high-carbon steel at the core and 33 layers of soft carbon steel cladding on either side.

It is a high-quality steel that has also been produced through a vacuum heat treatment process resulting in a core hardness of 60-62 HRC. This type of heat-conducting method with Damascus layers not only made the steel rust and corrosion-resistant but also significantly increased the ability to hold the edge.

V-shaped sharpening technology is used to make the steak knives razor-sharp. In addition, many other crafting methods, including traditional wet manual cutting, have made the blades strong and durable.

These full-tang handles are made of natural rosewood which is perfectly attached by three rivets. Also, the handles are crafted from good quality natural wood so it is not likely to crack or deform quickly.

The wooden handles have a nice finish and natural color. These are not slippery at all because they have enough texture for a decent grip. The handles are very generally designed so that they provide a comfortable grip as well as perfect balance.

The knives come in a nice gift box. Never wash them in the dishwasher; always hand wash and dry instantly after use.


  • Heat treatment high-carbon Damascus steel blades
  • The artistic pattern of 67-layered Damascus cladding
  • Outstanding edge retention characteristics
  • The full-tang and the triple-riveted handle feels sturdy and well-balanced in the hand
  • Buy with confidence, full satisfaction, or 100% money-back guarantee


  • The knives are not dishwasher safe
  • Another downside is that knives do not have a separate cover or sheath

6. Wildmok 4-Piece Damascus Steak Knife Set

Wildmok 4-Piece Damascus Steak Knife Set - Red G10 Handle

The 5″ long super sharp blades are made with 67 layers of Japanese Damascus steel (60-62 HRC). The Damascus steel is forged like a sandwich that has premium quality VG-10 carbon steel on the core and Damascus cladding of a total of 66 layers of soft steel with 33 + 33 on both sides of the core.

The blades have eye-catching wavy Damascus patterns that showcase their crafting skills. The blades are hand-sharpened (angle of 13°) by most skilled craftsmen. Also, the beauty of the blades will not easily be lost as they are resistant to rust and corrosion.

High-quality blades have a very good ability to retain sharpness, so their sharp edges will remain intact even after regular use which means you don’t have to worry about sharpening again and again.

Red G10 scales are used to make the triple-riveted handles. The handles are not only visually appealing but also water, heat, impact, and moisture-proof which makes them long-lasting and easier to clean.

You will also get a comfortable non-slip grip as the handles have ergonomic curve and light texture.

Full-tang, stainless steel bolster, end cap, and the triple-riveted design – all these features that have made these knives durable and well-balanced.

The manufacturer recommends hand washing with lukewarm water and mild detergent; rinse and dry right away. These knives should never be cleaned in the dishwasher.

The set has a 30-day money-back guarantee and you will get a lifetime warranty for any manufacturer defects.


  • The blades are made of real Damascus steel
  • Out of the box, they came very sharp
  • Wide blade easily cuts through thick steaks
  • Knives cut other kitchen items very well
  • Holds its edge 3X longer than retail steel
  • Handles are thick, large, and easy to hold
  • Beautiful handles feel solid and very balanced
  • Cleans easily for low maintenance
  • Outstanding craftsmanship with premium materials
  • Comes in a nice-looking presentation box


  • No individual sheath or cover included

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